How to Participate in the Asteroid Threat Exercise

Individuals at the conference will self-assign to one of the eight focus groups below.

1. Threat Discovery & Characterization: what is known about the physical characteristics of the threat and its orbit?

2. Impact Effects: What might happen were the object to actually impact?

3. Deflection/Disruption: How the object might be deflected or disrupted?

4. Campaign Design: The characteristics and cost of a deflection/disruption campaign?

5. Decision to Act: Is the information available sufficient to make a decision?

6. Communication: How should the public be notified of the situation?

7. Disaster Planning & Management: What preparations should be made to prepare for an impact disaster?

8. Leaders: Receive input from the other groups and make decisions related to actions to be taken.

At the end of each day, focus groups will discuss what is known about the threat and present its recommendations to Group 8 (Leaders) who will discuss actions to be taken. The presentation and discussion by leaders will be part of the live webcast of the conference.

The first press release is already available at . Information in this first press release will be the basis for discussions at the end of Day 1 of the conference.

How individuals not at the conference may be Involved

Register: Register to participate at . There’s no cost to participate remotely.

Review the most recent press release at .

If you have a comment, click the “Submit a Comment” link (, which will direct you to a page where you can input a short, 250-character comment and direct it to one of the eight focus groups noted above. Comments for that group will be included in materials provided to that group at their late afternoon meeting.

During the conference: A new press release with updates on the progression of the threat will be posted shortly after the end of each day’s conference activities. Included on the press release will be a link to a video of the presentations of the focus groups to Group 8 (Leaders) and the leaders’ group discussions and decisions based on that input. You should read the new press release and perhaps also view the video and submit comments and recommendations to a selected focus group using the “Submit a Comment” link. As before, these comments will be provided to each group when they begin discussions on the information on the same press release.

NOTE: The number of focus groups might change as the threat progresses (e.g., Threat Discovery might be eliminated once more is known about the threat), so be prepared for that.

NOTE: A final press release will be presented on the conference’s last day, and individuals interested in activities and discussion on the last day should watch the live video or the recorded video after the conference ends. Comments may be provided up to two days after the conference ends and key comments provided during the exercise may be included without attribution in the permanent record of the conference.